Fifi's Custom Colours

Racesafe has been making silks and cross country colours since day one and our brilliant machinists still split their time between making body protectors and custom clothing.

Lots of riders use our online customiser tool to choose from the range of colours and patterns available on products in our design-your-own collection. Recently, thanks to an upgrade in technology and a demand from riders wanting something unique, we've started offering a service for bespoke designs and branding. Fifi's bespoke set is a great example of this service in action. 

The Design Process

Select your products | Choose from our selection of hat covers, body protector covers and event shirts (or even scrunchies) in our design-your-own collection. Then get in touch...

Start designing | Whether you have a design ready or just an idea, we work with you to translate it to our product and come up with something unique to you.

Add branding | Perhaps you want to promote your personal brand (like Fifi), or maybe you have a sponsor or business you'd like to advertise instead? Let us know and we can incorporate this into the designs. 

Sign-off and production | Once you're happy with your designs, we'll then go ahead and start making them, in house, at our Northamptonshire HQ. There is no minimum quantity, so whether you're an individual ordering one set or kitting out a team, bespoke Racesafe is open to you.

Fifi's new colours

Cristina, Fifi's Mum, was looking for safety wear that would be comfortable for Fifi to wear, but also that she would enjoy and feel proud wearing. The Racesafe body protectors and custom colours offered the perfect solution. 

"Safety has always been a number one priority for our family and for Fifi’s riding. When we discovered Racesafe and the ability to customise and personalise the body protector cover and hat silk, we realised that not only would Fifi be protected by the best in the industry, but she could bring her own unique style at the same time!"

Used in conjunction with a Racesafe body protector, in Fifi's case the ProVent 3.0, the custom body protector cover allows riders to change the styling of their safety in a matter of seconds. This means you still have a smart, plain black body protector when you need it, and then a fun colourful option as well. 

Collaborative design service. Cristina communicated the rough outline of the design they were looking for, and the team at Racesafe brought them to life digitally. We offer colour matching and samples if desired to get the best possible colour match, however in this case Cristina and the design team were happy with the colour and this project was proofed digitally.  The designs were then signed off and sent to the workshop ready to be made. 

Cristina and Fifi's Top Design Tip. "A top tip for designing your own colours is to be bold! Choose something that speaks to your unique style and if it’s not on the website, you can always ask! Racesafe are extremely accommodating." 

Made in the UK. The skilled team at our Northamptonshire workshop then took the digital designs and through sublimation printing, hand cutting and finally hand-stitching, Fifi's custom satin hat cover, body protector cover and matching satin scrunchy were brought to life. 

Behind the scenes. You can find out more about the process and how we make our custom colours, and get a sneak peek behind the scenes, by reading our article: 'Behind the scenes: How we make Racesafe cross country colours' 

Fifi wearing her new custom colours, riding Cindy

The final product. Once ready, the items were carefully packaged up and shipped to Cristina and Fifi. 

"The customer experience from Racesafe is first class. They take the time to look after their customers on an individual level, understanding the requirements and customising the order to exactly what you need. Once we placed our order, the package arrived super fast and beautifully wrapped - with an unexpected gift and a personalised card! These extra touches provide a lasting memory, that made us feel valued as a customer. The quality is outstanding and we were so impressed by the print quality too!"

In Fifi's words "“I love my Racesafe set because I feel more confident in it and I’m not scared if I fall off. I also love the colours because they make me feel happy when I’m riding and lots of people ask me about my set! I hope lots of other children like me get a cool set from Racesafe”. Fifi, age 5. 

Your new custom set

Would you like to discuss your own custom designs? There really is no limit to what we can create other than your imagination, and with no minimum quantity our custom colours are available to all riders, so please do call us or email us to discuss your designs today. 

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