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Choosing your protection

We understand that choosing and buying a body protector can be a daunting experience. Between different disciplines, safety standards and fitting, there’s plenty to consider. This guide will walk you through each step and help you decide which Racesafe body protector best suits you and your riding.

Why choose Racesafe?

Racesafe is a globally established brand at the forefront of making the equestrian world safer and improving performance. Our goal is to offer riders market-leading comfort, breathability and movement, whilst ensuring the latest European and BETA standards of protection. Find out more about our third-generation family business, with a proud heritage of British manufacturing.

10 Reasons

Your discipline

The type of riding you do is one of the main factors in choosing a body protector. We work with leading riders in each discipline to meet their rigorous demands and design our models to make this level of performance available to every rider. Each discipline prioritises different body protector features and has a suitable level of protection.


Rules & requirements

For the cross-country phase, British Eventing and British Riding Clubs require you to wear a Level 3 body protector. From 1st Jan 2024 they must be certified to the latest BETA 2018 standard. The BETA 2009 standard will not longer be allowed. If an Air Jacket is used for the cross-country phase, it must be worn over (not instead of) a permitted body protector.

These rules are very similar across Europe and we believe Australia and NZ, but contact each governing body individually for confirmation. Even when not required within the rules, using a certified body protector is an important way of guaranteeing suitable protection.

Body protector suggestions

The Motion3, ProVent 3.0 & RS2010 offer the highest level of BETA 2018 (Level 3) protection combined with unbeatable freedom of movement. Available in an extensive size range, with an option of 4 back lengths for each size. This ensures a short enough back length for drivers in a seated position to have the movement they need.

Popular models


Our latest generation of equestrian body protection. It combines greater segmentation, innovative multi-foam technology, advanced breathability, and redesigned sizing for a perfect fit. Suits riders after BETA level 3 protection and the latest movement and comfort.
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Our popular ProVent3 body protector combines breathable, lightweight comfort with the maximum level 3 protection. Featuring our signature segmented design and lightweight foam technology, it offers performance for riders of all levels.
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The RS2010 body protector is known for offering the maximum level of protection in a smart, comfortable design. Our signature segmented design is finished in a technical satin outer, offering a timeless look with the latest performance.
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Offering the latest racing protection in level 1, 2 & 3 options. MotionGuard technology introduces increased segmentation and multi-foam technology for improved comfort and movement. Designed in conjunction with racing authorities and jockeys for race riding in Europe.
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The MotionLite offers lightweight back protection with unlimited movement. Designed for a discreet fit under a show jacket, it features slimline protection in a technical gilet design. Suited for limited protection when a body protector is not being worn.
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The new MotionAir is a low-profile air jacket designed to attach to the Motion3 body protector to offer hybrid protection. A fitted body protector shape without the traditional air jacket bulk. Designed in partnership with Helite, experts in airbag technology.
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How to choose the right size

We're proud to offer a range of body protectors that are synonymous with performance and comfort. However, it's equally important to us that we can offer this to every rider, regardless of age, shape or size. We offer all our models in a comprehensive range of child and adult sizes, each with a choice of front and back lengths, to achieve a perfect fit. A correct fit is crucial to ensure body protectors offer the intended protection. Our fitting guide will walk you through finding the right size and checking the fit of your body protector.


Safety standards

Our body protectors conform to the latest European Standard EN13158:2018 and are CE marked to show their compliance to the EU Regulation 2016/425.

The MotionLite back protector is certified to motorcycle back protector standard EN1621-2-2014.

The MotionAir air jacket is certified to NF S72-800:2022 air jacket standard. It is designed in partnership with Helite, experts in airbag technology.

BETA is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme. We retest our body protectors annually to the latest BETA 2018 standard to ensure the consistency of quality of materials used and manufacturing processes. The body protectors carry the appropriate colour BETA label to show the standard and level they are certified to.

BETA 2018 (Level 1)- Green

BETA 2018 (Level 2)- Orange

BETA 2018 (Level 3)- Turquoise

Level 1 provides the lowest level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys and is designed to meet the weight restrictions that apply to professional jockeys whilst racing. This is no longer allowed in Europe.

Level 2 offers a lower than normal level of protection and is only considered appropriate in low risk situations. It is now the level of protection required for race riding in Europe.

Level 3 is the highest level of protection offered and is considered appropriate for general riding, competitions including eventing and working with horses. Level 3 body protectors should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and prevent a limited number of rib fractures.

How to buy

In the UK, our body protectors are sold via our network of retailer stockists. Where possible, we recommend you visit one of our trained stockists to be fitted. You can find your nearest here

We have a growing network of stockists around the world. If you can't find one via the stockist finder, please contact us and we will try to help you directly.

If you can't find a stockist local to you, don't worry! Contact the team and we will either connect you with someone of help you directly.

Size & fit

Read our guide dedicated to helping you find your recommended body protector size.

None of our body protectors are gender specific. That's why we have such an extensive size range for each model, with options for chest, front length and back length. It's important to us that we can offer a perfect fit for every rider!

Each body protector model has an extensive size range, with options for chest, front length and back length. It's important to us that we can offer a perfect fit for every rider! Regardless of age, size or shape.

Product info

Both are very popular models. The Motion3 was launched in 2023 as an evolution of the ProVent. It introduced a multi-foam design to further improve flexibility and comfort. The Motion3 is only in Navy and the ProVent3 in black. Both are great choices!

The home of Racesafe is Northamptonshire, GB and that is where each of our body protectors have been made for over 50 years. Our heritage of British manufacturing is something we are very proud of!

Expert advice

Meet our experts, if you would like some advice, please contact the Racesafe Team. Alternatively, use the form below to tell us a little about yourself & what you need from your body protector. One of our experts will then be in touch.

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