10 Reasons To Choose A Racesafe Body Protector

10 Reasons To Choose A Racesafe Body Protector

Body protectors are our speciality and we aim to make the best in the world. We're glad that lots of riders agree and trust us with their equestrian protection. 

We've chosen 10 reasons why Racesafe is a rider favourite...

Top reasons to choose Racesafe:

  1. Lightweight matters

  2. Breathable in design.

  3. Racesafe flexibility

  4. Our fit promise

  5. Safety first

  6. The reason for made in GB

  7. Developed with champions, made for riders

  8. Custom to you

  9. Protection for shoulders

  10. 50 years of development

1. Lightweight matters

Heavy and bulky body protectors are a thing of the past and one of the main reasons rider’s choose Racesafe body protectors.

We use unique lightweight materials across our ranges, to offer the lowest weights available for each level of protection. Regardless of whether your body protector is for Ascot, Burghley or a Pony Club Rally, weight is always important for your comfort and performance.

Our Adults Motion3 starts at less than 750g for the maximum Level 3 protection.


2. Breathable in design

Our customer reviews speak for themselves; one of the most common themes is how much cooler and breathable they find their Racesafe body protector.

To maximise air flow for our Motion3 and RaceMotion2, each of the protective segments feature multiple perforations and a breathable net outer. Helping move heat away from your body, keeping you cool and performing at your best.


3. Racesafe flexibility

We’ve said it before, but body protectors no longer have to be uncomfortable! Don't put up with being restricted or being told it will soften after a while.

Once your Racesafe is on, we don't want you to have to give it a second thought. We stand alone in offering British made body protectors constructed from individual segments. Up to 100 independently hinged sections move with you and channel air as you ride.

Don't just take our word for it, give one a  try at a stockist near you.


4. Our fit promise

It's important to us that we can offer a perfect fit to every rider, regardless of age, size or shape. Most of our models now feature over 70 size variations, covering different chest sizes, body and back lengths. This is combined with our elasticated adjustment for unbeatable fit and comfort. 


Don't worry, the sizing is not as daunting as all those size variations sound! Our stockists are trained to fit you and we also have a handy article and video that guides you through the process of measuring yourself and finding the best size for you. We’ve even got tips on checking the fit, too.


5. Safety first

It is the reason you are buying a body protector after all, to get the best possible protection. Racesafe body protectors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety standards.

Our body protectors conform to the latest European Standard EN13158:2018 and are CE marked to show their compliance to the EU Regulation 2016/425.

BETA is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme and we retest our body protectors annually to BETA 2018 to ensure the consistency of quality of materials used and manufacturing processes.


6. Made in GB

It's crucial that you can trust in the quality of your Racesafe protection. That’s why we have a long tradition of British manufacturing, here at Racesafe HQ in Northamptonshire.

Our excellent team are responsible for every step of your body protector. From designing and helping you choose, to cutting, machining, testing, tagging and sending, we are responsible for each Racesafe body protector you wear. They may not be the cheapest to buy, but we like to think the quality and innovation we provide, is second to none.


7. Developed with winners, Made for riders

Our approach has always been to cater for all riders, from champion jockeys to Pony Clubs kids. We work closely with leading riders around the world to meet the rigorous demands of top flight competition. Our goal is to then make this level of performance available to every rider, across our product range.

The team love seeing each Racesafe cross the 5* XC finish and on each group 1 winner, but there is also comparable satisfaction in being the first body protector a child wears because a parent loves and trusts theirs.


8. Custom To You

We know that buying a body protector is an investment and something that will be part of your riding life for 3-5 years. That's why we offer you the opportunity to make it individual to you.

All our models can be combined with our new Body Protector Covers. Available in standard colours, patterns in a full colour range or bespoke designs. These give you the flexibility to show off your cross country colours and sponsors logos one day and revert to a smart single tone look the next.

The RS2010 is also available in a choice of 20 colours in a single or double colour combination and featuring a smart satin outer finish.

And, with either options, you could add your own Custom Event Shirt and Hat Cover to match!


9. Protection For Shoulders

How many times have you fallen onto your shoulder? A study of falls has shown that wearing shoulder pads reduces the risk of injury to the shoulder and collar bone area by up to 80%.

Shoulder Protectors can be seamlessly added to all our body protectors to give you maximum protection, comfort and ease of movement.


10. 50 Years Of Development

This is what we specialise in and have been doing so for over 50 years and 3 generations. Crucially we develop products for riders, as riders and users of them ourselves. Our plan is to continue being at the forefront of improving rider safety and performance for the next 50 years.

If our 10 reasons weren't already enough, why not check out the opinion's of other riders, here 

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