Environmental Policy

Our aims and commitments

Our Aim

As a British manufacturer based in the Northamptonshire countryside, we are aware of the positive impact that we are able to have on the environment through the decisions we make and the ways we operate. We have always respected the importance of keeping our carbon footprint low and making ethical decisions as part of our on-going practices. 

Our aim is: to supply horse riders worldwide with the most ethically manufactured products, in the most sustainable way possible.

Our Commitments

At Racesafe, we have made a commitment to: 

Our Actions

To meet the above commitments, in addition to our long-standing sustainable manufacturing practices and working policies we have also completed a number of positive changes. We have outlined both our long-term environment supporting activity and our recent actions below. 


We manufacture all of our products here in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. As this is where our core customer base is, that reduces the our product shipment miles drastically. 

We source our fabrics from British & European sources wherever possible.

We source all other materials responsibly and sustainably, and as locally as possible.

We make our products to last, both in terms of quality and flexible fit, meaning less need for riders to replace their body protector.

We use the minimal amount of packaging possible. 

Recent Actions

We recently switched to paperless order processing, by implementing better technology and software throughout our offices and warehouse.

Our new premises has low energy usage LED lighting and efficient heating systems.  

We recently began researching more sustainable packaging options and are currently trialling biodegradable options.

Further Information

In addition to the above, we will also: 

Review this policy on an annual basis and update accordingly.

Communicate this policy to our retail partners and employees. 

Provide this policy for public viewing when requested to by those interested.