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5 signs you should replace your body protector
When should you think about replacing your body protector? Many riders rely on their body protector to keep them safe, whether hacking, jumping, eventing or racing. But how do you know if it’s still doing its job correctly or if...
Provent3 vs Motion3
Find out the difference between the ProVent and Motion3 body protectors in a guide to choosing your next level 3 body protector.
10 Reasons To Choose A Racesafe Body Protector
Body protectors are our speciality and we aim to make the best in the world. Here are 10 reasons why Racesafe is a rider favourite.
Do you need a new body protector for 2024?
Racesafe body protectors made in October 2018 onwards are are BETA 2018 (Level 3) certified and are designed to offer unrivalled comfort and protection. 
Clinic with Dr Diane Fisher - Chest Injuries
Dr Diane Fisher hosted a brilliant clinic on 20/05/2021 in collaboration with Racesafe. James How joined Dr Diane to discuss all things anatomy and thoracic (chest) injury.

5 signs you need to replace your body protector
Whilst a well-cared for body protector does have an expected lifetime of 3-5 years, and may look in good condition, after a period of time the effectiveness of a body protector and the level of protection it offers will start to reduce.

To help keep you safe, we have included a list of 5 key signs that you might need to consider replacing your body protector.