MotionAir: a guide to hybrid protection

MotionAir: a guide to hybrid protection

Everything you need to know about the new MotionAir air jacket

The latest addition to the Motion range, the MotionAir air jacket, is designed to be worn with our Motion3 body protector to provide hybrid protection in a low-profile, unrestrictive design. 

This guide will answer some of the common questions we’ve been asked…


What's the difference between MotionAir and traditional air jackets?

The MotionAir aims to offer hybrid protection without the bulk of traditional air jackets. Designing it in conjunction with the Motion3 body protector allows us to shape the two closely and create a very low-profile combination, minimising any restriction for the rider. The MotionAir trigger system anchors to the front loop of the Motion3, which ensures optimum inflation time and allows the rest of the MotionAir to be a low-profile, stretch design.

Can I take Motion3 & MotionAir on and off as one?

The MotionAir is attached to the Motion3 body protector using three anchor points to create a secure fit whilst in use and when inflating. It also allows the convenience of taking it on and off and storing it as one. Here's how to attach them

Can I wear the MotionAir to go Eventing?

The MotionAir is focused on eventing and cross country. The rules require a BETA 2018 (level 3) body protector to be worn, even if an air jacket is also being worn. When combined with our latest Motion3 body protector, the hybrid is designed to let riders move without restriction and have the convenience of one combination.

What’s the benefit of combining a body protector and an air jacket?

Our Motion3 body protector is certified to the latest BETA 2018 (level 3) safety standard, the highest level of protection available for a body protector. The combination of protective materials are designed to provide impact absorption across different types of falls. The addition of an air jacket provides an added air layer of protection once triggered. This is very effective at absorbing energy, particularly impacts across a wider surface, such as those resulting from falling on flat ground or having a horse land on you. Air jackets also provide additional coverage to the neck area.

How do I attach the MotionAir to my Motion3 body protector?

The MotionAir attaches to the Motion3 body protector using three anchor points - on both shoulders and using the anchor key behind the trigger. Correct fitting is necessary to ensure the air jacket and body protector remain as one combined unit with correct triggering. Check out our video guide here.

What's the difference between the MotionAir and the P2-RS Hybrid?

Our previous hybrid model, the P2-RS, is certified to the old BETA 2009 safety standard, so will no longer be allowed for competition in 2024. Riders looking to update to the new MotionAir will be pleased to hear that combining it with our latest Motion3 body protector creates a much lighter, more flexible and breathable hybrid combination. 

What size MotionAir do I need to fit my Motion3 body protector?

The MotionAir is available in 4 sizes, which fit across the majority of the Motion3 body protector size range (Young Rider Medium Tall - Adult Large Tall).MotionAir fitting chartFind more information on sizing here.

Can the MotionAir be worn with other Racesafe body protectors (ProVent / RS2010)?

The MotionAir has been designed for use with the Motion3 body protector only. We recommend that this combination be used for optimum protection without restriction. The anchor points on the Motion3 body protector ensure quick inflation in the event of a fall and prevent the MotionAir from any unintentional movement on inflation. The four sizes have been carefully designed to fit the corresponding Motion3 body protectors to create a close-fitting air jacket without restriction, providing protection to the thorax, abdomen, neck and back. 

The MotionAir would offer protection to the rider if worn over other Racesafe models (if secured correctly with the fail-safe strap under the right arm) however, we cannot guarantee the speed of inflation and for the air jacket to not move, twist or turn on triggering, altering the area of protection. For this reason, we recommend using a Motion3 body protector with the MotionAir.

Can the MotionAir be worn alone?

The MotionAir is certified for use as a stand-alone air jacket (if secured correctly with the fail-safe strap under the right arm) however, the level of protection is lessened without the impact absorption or coverage of the body protector. We cannot guarantee the speed of inflation when worn without the Motion3, and for the air jacket to not move, twist or turn on triggering, altering the area of protection.  For this reason, we recommend the MotionAir is always worn with the Motion3 body protector.

Can the MotionAir be customised?

The MotionAir is a navy design to match the Navy Motion3 body protector. However, our custom body protector covers have been updated with the option to fit over the MotionAir. These can be customised with a choice of colours and patterns or with your own branding.

What canisters do I need for my MotionAir?

  • 50cc - Young Rider 1  
  • 60cc - Young Rider 2, Adult 1, Adult 2

Replacements can be bought here. To replace an empty canister after a fall, watch the video here.  

Is there a minimum weight to wear a MotionAir?

Riders must weigh over 35 kg to wear the MotionAir.  

What certification do Motion3 and MotionAir have?

  • Motion3 - BETA 2018 (level 3) and EN13158:2018
  • MotionAir - NF S72-800:2022

What about warranty?

The airbag and components are covered by a 2-year legal warranty against any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase. An additional 2-year warranty extension on the airbag sheath is available through registering your MotionAir from the date of purchase on the website. 

Should I service my MotionAir?

For full instructions on maintenance, please read the booklet provided with your MotionAir jacket. The MotionAir can be inflated up to 30 times and has a lifespan of a maximum of 10 years with careful maintenance and optimal conditions of use. We recommend annual servicing after first use, and more frequent servicing in the following circumstances:

  • Following a particularly bad accident, impact or fall
  • If there is visible damage to the jacket or vest
  • If you have more than six inflations.

Please contact Helite customer service at for more information on servicing and warranty.

    Laura Collett wearing MotionAir on a bay horse


    What are the professionals saying about MotionAir? 

    Laura Collett MBE

    "I really enjoy that it's so neat and tidy and you barely look like you're wearing anything, yet you're fully protected."

    Now you're clued up on the MotionAir. For further information, our team are here to help. Just drop us an email at or give us a call on +44 (0)1536 771051. 


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