How to attach your MotionAir air jacket to your Motion3 body protector

How to attach your MotionAir air jacket to your Motion3 body protector

The MotionAir air jacket is designed to work with the Motion3 body protector for hybrid protection

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to attach your MotionAir  air jacket to your Motion3 body protector. Once combined they can easily be taken on and off as one, but let's look at how to attach them for the first time. Watch our video, or read the instructions below.  

We’ll talk through each step when wearing them, but this can equally be done when they’re off. 

  1. Firstly, make sure the velcro waist strap is closed on the inside of the air jacket. This acts as an additional restraint to prevent overstretching.

  2. Then, tuck the air jacket under the body protector tail at the back. Now it’s time to create the main connection to the body protector behind the trigger system of the air jacket.

  3. Open up the MotionAir on your right side. Undo the velcro tab and pull out the plastic anchor key halfway so it is only through the first loop closest to the zip. Bringing the air jacket close to your body protector, slide the anchor key on through the loop on the front of your body protector and then through the second loop on the air jacket.

  4. Close the velcro tab back up. The anchor key should be through all 3 loops to create a secure connection, 2 on the air jacket and the body protector loop in the middle. The card strip included can be used to help align the loops. Slide it into the second air jacket loop and then back through the body protector loop. So then as you come to slide the plastic anchor key through the first air jacket loop and body protector loop, the second air jacket loop is helpfully aligned. Then remember to remove the card strip and store for next time!

  5. Zip up your MotionAir and finish off by connecting the shoulders. There is a strap on the underside of the air jacket shoulder. This goes under the shoulder of the body protector, back through the loop on the inside of the body protector and then clips together. Do the same on the other side.

    MotionAir shoulder clips

  6. Now you’ve set up the combination, you can take them on and off as one. If you decide to wear your Motion3 without your MotionAir, you’ll just need to repeat the steps to set it up again.

If you have any questions about your MotionAir, feel free to contact our team at or on +44 (0)1536 771051. They're happy to help! 

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