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Our ProVent3 body protector isn't just about top-tier safety; it's about redefining the body protector experience, achieved through innovative design. Our signature segmented construction moves with you, mimicking your body's natural contours for exceptional freedom of movement, while the cutting-edge lightweight foam technology is ready to absorb impact without weighing you down. 

Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a weekend rider, the ProVent3 allows you to ride with unwavering focus, knowing you're protected without sacrificing comfort or agility.

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ProVent Shoulder Protectors

Provent3 Rider Testimonials


Safe, Stylish and Smart

For our family safety is paramount, the girls do not ride without a body protector. The ProVent 3 available in an so many different size options and is smart enough to wear with her show jacket, just add the customisable covers and silks to stand out from the crowd in XC.
Ruby loves her ProVent 3, it's so comfortable she forgets she has it on!


The best body protector out there

I absolutely love my race safe. I rarely ride without it! I always feel safe out hacking, jumping, cross country and hunting. It's so light, and the fit is fabulous too. I'm not normally someone to spend hundreds of pounds on a product, but investing in my safety is so important. It was 100% worth the money!

Heather Tull

Lightweight my son loves it

Light weight and comfortable for my son to wear for long periods of times no battles between us for him to put it on like previous body protectors

Jodie Williams

Light and safe

I’m very satisfied with this jacket. It feels like it was made just for my fit. I couldn’t believe that a protective jacket could be so light and comfy. It allows me to move freely whilst feeling safe. And, by the way, it was successfully delivered to Belarus. The best!


Best on the market!

Living in warmer climates, there really aren’t any other body protectors out there that offer the same level of comfort and breathability! This body protector moulds perfectly to your own body shape and is the most comfortable on the market! Safety is priceless and I would never buy anything that doesn’t meet this same quality and offer the same peace of mind.

Sofia Hartley

Comfy, lightweight and safe

Switched to racesafe when I decided to always ride with a bp on, as my previous one gave me shoulder ache if I wore it too much.
Schooling, jumping or hacking, my new racsafe bp is so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing it.

Abigail Warner

Truly made to fit

I needed to upgrade my body protector and wanted one with a high safety rating. The range of fit options available meant I could get a new body protector that really fit me properly as I'm quite tall with a narrow body. It's super comfortable, I don't feel restricted when I ride and I don't overheat whilst wearing it.

Jill TelferTownend

Breathable, Lightweight, Comfortable Protection

The right protection for each rider

We promise that the process of finding the right model and size for you isn't as daunting as it first might seem. Whether it's your first pony, or your first Olympics, we've got you. Check out the tailored advice below and if you're still unsure, don't forget our team of advisors are on hand to help.

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