Rider jumping green and white jump wearing back protector

Get to know the MotionLite back protector

Protection without restriction 

We’ve been making body protectors for over 50 years, so we've used our knowledge of protection, flexibility and performance to develop a back protector that suits the needs of everyday riders wanting localised protection when they might not be wearing a body protector. That’s how MotionLite came to be.  

Laura Collett jumping wearing MotionLite back protector

What is the Racesafe MotionLite back protector? 
MotionLite is a lightweight back protector within a gilet design, offering everyday protection with unrivalled flexibility. The slimline design features a V neck and fits neatly under a show jacket, offering a layer of unrestrictive back protection for show jumping, schooling and hacking. 

How protective is a back protector?

Certified to the highest EN1621-2-2014 level 2 motorcycle back protector standard, the MotionLite offers a limited area of protection for circumstances when a body protector is not being worn. 

What makes the MotionLite stand out? 
The contoured fit uses staggered back protection panels and a premium fabric offering maximum movement and an unbeatable fit. We use a combination of foams to achieve a great range of motion so you can focus on riding without knowing it's there.

What rider sizes does it cover? 

MotionLite comes in six sizes and a choice of back lengths from short to long, ranging from YR1 (6-10yrs) to A3 (16-18) which is available in July. View our size guide here.  

Are men's sizes available? 
The MotionLite is a unisex product, just choose the size that correlates with your chest measurement here. 

Should I worry that I fit into the Young Rider sizes? 
If you fit into a young rider size, don't stress! The MotionLite YR3 fits a chest of 31-33 inches and a UK dress size 6-8. It's referred to as a young rider size as it also caters for 14+ years. 

Where are riders commonly wearing them? 
Riders are wearing the MotionLite for hacking, schooling and neatly under competition jackets for show jumping. 

Emily Grace Eventing wearing MotionLite with bay horse

How should you measure for the right back length option? 
Similar to our body protectors, you should measure from the vertebra below the knobbly C7 vertebrae at the base of your neck to where the back protector will finish. We suggest leaving at least a hands width clearance from the seat of your saddle. 

How should MotionLite fit? 
The stretch gilet is designed to fit snugly. This contours the back protection to the rider for optimum protection and comfort. Most riders will find that once they are in the saddle, they forget that they are wearing anything. 

What are the professionals saying about MotionLite? 

Emily Grace Eventing

MotionLite is a new addition for me. This has been amazing when working with the young horses, but also just having it on all day with the older horses as well. I can also wear the MotionLite under a show jacket and this just gives me added reassurance that if anything happened I have that bit of back protection and you can’t see I have it on.”

MotionLite is available to purchase from your local retailer. Find your nearest stockist here or order online

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