The Story of the Racesafe Reindeer

The Story of the Racesafe Reindeer



 Once upon a time there was a little Reindeer named Racer...

Like many young reindeer, Racer had always held aspirations of making the North Pole Team and joining the elite group of reindeer that deliver presents across the globe every year at Christmas.

One Autumn, when he was finally old enough to try out for the team, Racer just couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

The moment he was strapped into the sleigh, before Santa Claus even had chance to climb aboard, Racer bolted, full speed, with the rest of the team and the sleigh dragging along behind him. His excitement had got the better of him.

Understanding that all beginners have challenges, they stopped the sleigh, calmed Racer down, and then strapped him back in again, ready for a second try, but immediately Racer lost all control and sped off again, leaving the others in the dust.

Despite Racer’s clear enthusiasm, unfortunately, Santa had no other choice but to turn Racer down.

Racer was devastated to not be able to fulfil his life’s ambition and work as part of the North Pole team, and he left that day with no direction nor purpose, hopelessly wondering what on earth he would do now.

Meanwhile, at the Racesafe workshop, Mr How was busy preparing the orders his customers had placed for Christmas delivery.

Whilst he was delighted to have so many wonderful customers and orders to fulfil, he was starting to wonder just how he would manage to make all the deliveries in time. He had hundreds of hat covers, cross country shirts, body protectors and stocks to make and deliver in time for the big day.

One evening on his way home from the workshop, Mr How, barely able to believe his eyes, spotted a lonely, sad looking reindeer, stood on the edge of a Northamptonshire field, just off the road he was driving along.

Mr How stopped and asked the reindeer what he was doing there. The reindeer was Racer, and he explained to Mr How all about his failed attempt to live out his ambition as a North Pole reindeer.

Noticing Racer’s clear enthusiasm and love for what he does, and remembering his own challenge to get his orders delivered by Christmas, Mr How decided to take a leap of faith, and offer Racer a job as his official Christmas delivery reindeer.

Racer was delighted! He was so happy that somebody believed in him.

Unable to believe his luck and the kindness of Mr How, Racer turned up at the Racesafe workshop first thing the next morning and they began to practice immediately.

Mr How gave Racer a body protector to wear just in case he had any more excitement fuelled mishaps.

At first, once again Racer struggled to contain his enthusiasm and they had a few small hiccups. 

Before long, however, with a little patience and support from Mr How, Racer got the hang of it and they were flying smoothly around the skies above the Northamptonshire workshop, both Racer and Mr How wearing immense smiles on their faces.

A few weeks later, every last hat silk was stitched and every last order was packed, and then loaded neatly onto Mr How’s sleigh.

Mr how got Racer ready in his brand new Racesafe silks and carefully strapped him into the sleigh, then stood in front of him to do one final inspection before take-off.

Looking at Racer with great pride, Mr How said:

“Tonight Racer, you will fulfil your destiny and deliver presents to families all around the world – You are the Racesafe Reindeer!”

Racer nuzzled Mr How with affection and true happiness, and then with a wink from him, he knew it was time to fly!

He pawed the ground with his hoof three times, and then when Mr How shouted “Fly Racer” from his sleigh, Racer took off, his heart full as he glided through the night sky.

That night he and Mr How safely delivered all of the Racesafe packages in time for them to be opened by families across the world on Christmas Morning. 

Race had found his true destiny. 


The End

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