Provent3 vs Motion3

Provent3 vs Motion3

A guide to choosing your next level 3 body protector

We often get asked what’s the difference between our two best-selling body protector models, so we've put together a guide to help you choose!

Firstly, they’re both great choices, and let’s quickly cover what they have in common.


The ProVent3 and Motion3 offer the same level 3 protection, certified to the latest BETA and European 2018 standards. These are the highest safety standards available worldwide. 


Both feature Racesafe’s unique segmented design. Over 100 segments are individually hinged to make sure you can move and ride without restriction. Others have tried to replicate this with grooves and sheets, but we’re confident you’ll feel the difference when you try them!

Lightweight comfort

They’re the two lightest level 3 body protectors available. ProVent3 adult sizes start at less than 1kg and Motion3 from 800g. The bulk and weight of traditional body protectors are long gone!

Made in the UK

The same skilled machinists at our Northamptonshire base in the UK make both of these models. We have specialised in rider body protection for over 50 years, and we feel that's reflected in each body protector that's made.

So moving it along, what sets them apart? The easy answer is to look at the Motion3 as an evolution of the ProVent3, building on what makes it so popular and adding our latest developments.

More segmentation

The Motion3 has more segmentation through the back, you’ll notice an even closer fit and more movement. Each of these segments is individually inserted and secured, and this extra work accounts for a significant part of the £20/£30 price difference.

Multi-foam construction

The first of its type, Motion3 combines different protective foam types through it’s design. In key areas such as over the shoulder and under your arms, you’ll find soft, ultra-flexible foam. The main body layers soft heat-reactive foam on the inside with extremely lightweight and temperature-stable foam on the outside. Designed to maximise not only comfort but also protection across different types of impacts and conditions. 


We’re sure anyone riding in the summer will be thankful for this! The Motion3 features an ultra-breathable mesh lining, which combines with the mesh outer and segmented design to make it the most breathable option out there.


Have you seen our new MotionAir air jacket? It attaches to the Motion3 body protector via the loop on the front and the shoulders to form a hybrid protector. They have been designed together to form a low-profile combination without the bulk of traditional air jackets. 


Finally and very importantly for some, the ProVent3 is only available in black, whilst the Motion3 is currently only available in Navy Blue. But remember that both can be combined with our breathable body protector covers that can be customised to your design and colour.

So to recap, both are great choices and offer the same protection, with many of the same Racesafe features! The latest Motion3 model includes some added developments and may just squeeze ProVent3 into second place for comfort. Both are available to try at most Racesafe stockists for you to decide.

If you’d like some advice on fitting or to get your recommended size using our online calculator, check out our size guide.

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