Kroops 13-Five Goggles
Kroops 13-Five Goggles
Kroops 13-Five Goggles - Racesafe

Kroops 13-Five Goggles

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The 13-Five Goggles are renowned for their comfort; the low profile lens format is a perfect fit over the brows but under the helmet. It's made with a multi-layer foam that's soft enough to wear for long hours. The spherical lens gives you a great distortion-free view with totally unobstructed peripheral vision.

✓ The headband is made with a silicone bead to hold tight after adjustment
✓ Lenses are 100% UV blocking and impact resistant. ✓ ✓ ✓ These goggles come with their own microfiber carrying case that can be used to clean the lens.
✓ Goggle Weight: 37 g
✓ Strap Width : 16.5 mm

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